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Beta Launch

We've launched our beta version but there are still a few things we're working on. We hope you enjoy using our faucets and welcome any feedback!

Using Our Dogecoin Faucet

This is a direct dogecoin faucet. All you need to do it enter your wallet ID. Once you reach the payment threshold we will process your payment on during our weekly payment run.

You can read more about how our faucets work here.

Payment Processing

Once you reach the payment threshhold you will be paid in our weekly payment run. Payments are processed manually and we will aim to do these on a Sunday, but this may vary on occaission. If you'd like to know when our latest payment run has been completed you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Our direct faucets are generally those with little to no transaction fee, but when a transaction fee is required we will deduct this from the balance due to be sent.


You can receive a 10% lifetime commission for new users that use the faucet using your referral link. Click for more information about how referrals work.

You can check how many referrals you have made and how much referral commission you'll receive in the next payment run by clicking check referrals above. Referrals are caluclated each payment run on wallets that have passed the payment threshold.

Our Other Faucets

We'll be adding more faucets shortly.

Refer & Earn

We pay 10% lifetime commission on referrals you make to our direct faucets. See our faucet pages for more details.

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Referral balances are calculated during our weekly payment processing on refferals where a reffered user is over the payment threshold. If you are not seeing the referral balance you expect it is most likely because your referrals have not reached the payout threshold and been processed yet.

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