Dogecoin Faucet is now live!

Claim free crypto from our alt coin faucets

Beta Launch

We've launched our beta version but there are still a few things we're working on. We hope you enjoy using our faucets and welcome any feedback!

Our Faucets

These are faucets that we built and run.

  • Dogecoin Faucet Logo

    Dogecoin Faucet

    Our own faucet that pays directly to your dogecoin wallet.

  • Navcoin Faucet Logo

    Navcoin Faucet (coming soon)

    Our own faucet that pays directly to your Navcoin wallet.

External Faucets

These are faucets from other websites. We have used them successfully in the past but are not responsible for them and can't make any guarantees for them.

  • Myriad Faucet Logo

    Myriad Faucet

    A direct Myriad (XMY) faucet that you can claim from once every 24 hours.

  • Bitcoin Faucet Logo

    Mellow Ads Bitcoin Faucet

    A very generous faucet where you can claim bitcoin every 24 hours. The bitcoin claimed is used for advertising credit for Mellow Ads banners or pop-ups. Can be useful for advertising your own website, blog, faucet or referral links.

  • Burst Faucet Logo

    Burst Coin Faucet

    A direct Burst Coin faucet that will pay 1 Burst to new Burst users.

Refer & Earn

We pay 10% lifetime commission on referrals you make to our direct faucets. See our faucet pages for more details.